New Designs Coming Very Soon!

Lavish x Exclusives

Hi my name is Virgilio Lopez and I am the CEO of Lavish Phones NY. I grew up and still live in Valley Stream, NY. I was inspired by both graphic and sound art through my older brother who is a musician. I spent a lot of time around that environment and my curious mind led me to be intrigued by graphic arts as well.

I believe that each art piece can have a different meaning to each person. So I made an exclusive collection that compiles of different art works. These are mostly abstract pieces but do offer many varieties.

The Lavish team has left the designs in this collection without descriptions because they are up for interpretation.

Find your meaning behind them and tell us what they mean to you!

If you enjoy what you see on my website or would like to possibly collaborate on a collection, please feel free to contact me on Instagram.