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Lavish x Raheem

Hi, my name is Raheem Robinson and I am from Flushing, New York. My works are inspired by seeing other forms of art and some really dope projects. I also draw inspiration based off my life, surroundings, and experiences. My process starts with an idea and then the feelings I want to reflect off my work.

My design style is low poly art where the illustration is broken down to multiple triangles of various sizes. This style makes the illustration look pixelated. It's a style I enjoy because I love the chaotic nature of placing random triangles but bringing it together to make a detailed illustration. I picked iconic music stars for the majority of my cases because I feel like my style is good for showing off portraits. Too much detail would be lost on a full illustration with a background.


If you would like to see more of my work you can check me out on Instagram @radi0_art or you can check out my Behance portfolio HERE!