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About Us

From a young age, my parents instilled in me the values of community service, leadership, innovation, and creativity. I have always thought large, and as such the question inevitably arose: How can I serve my community in a new and meaningful way?


With a degree in business and over six years of experience in the cellphone and accessories industry, I knew I had the ability to create something big. I envisioned a modern product that could empower my community by providing a platform through which to explore our identities and express our perspectives. Phone cases with original artwork from black and brown artists was an efficient, stylish, and affordable way of accomplishing that goal. 


Thus in 2017, I launched Lavish Phones NY.  


The talents in the black and brown community are abundant, but their exposure to the larger world is highly restricted and controlled. Lavish operates as a platform through which to promote local black and brown artists whose works traditionally reach only limited audiences. As a company owned by, operated by, and created for people of color, Lavish is an opportunity for our community to reclaim their narratives, give their perspectives, and make their voices heard in a fun and unique way.


I am so proud to be working with a growing number of artists whose works can be found across phone case collections at Lavish. Each artist has a unique background and perspective that informs their artwork in profound ways. I am incredibly excited to continue meeting and promoting new artists who have so much to offer our community. 


The Lavish mission is ultimately to showcase the unique lenses through which our artists and community view the world so as to promote intra-communal and intercultural understanding. There is no better way than through art and technology!